Video: Metallica Give Retiring New York Yankees Closer Mariano Rivera the Ultimate "Enter Sandman" Send-Off



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by any other name

Does anyone else find it ironic that the guys who shut down Napster have a facebook page?
Or that they're Yankees fans (even though they're west coast)?!?
Metallica have become the New York Yankees of the music world - overpriced, over-hyped, and completely lacking substance.
... I'll probably still go see the movie though, lol.



They sound like shit


by any other name

I thought they sounded pretty good on the field, especially for such a terrible, drunk recording ... James Hetfield's voice has changed a lot over the years, and whoever was in charge of sound at the Apollo Theater seriously fucked up! Also, where were the trademark pyrotechnics that made seeing One performed live so much more exciting? A stripped down, bare bones 'tallica show, seriously?? The thing that always made seeing Metallica live so great was their amazing showmanship and theatrics ... They script and rehearse every minute of every show, and pretending that they're still a Bay area club band just doesn't cut it!

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