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Jenna Paone's "Hammers & Strings" — Exclusive Acoustic Video Premiere

Here's a fabulous song and live video from singer/songwriter Jenna Paone.

It's the title track from her new album Hammers & Strings.

Hailing from Boston, Paone has pulled through with some very strong songwriting on this release, as well as stellar vocal and piano chops. Sitting in on guitar is Samm Bahman.

"Hammers & Strings" really delivers with lovely piano and acoustic guitar accompaniment underlying Paone's powerhouse voice. But she knows when to back off, too, and on this song in particular she uses dynamics to the fullest. Light and delicate to a smack across the face all in four minutes. Gotta love it.

Paone shares, "'Hammers & Strings' is a song about the push and pull of love; a snapshot of the larger story of the album, which chronicles a star-crossed couple's relationship, step by step."

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