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Alanna Clarke Shares Her Acoustic "Heartstrings" — Exclusive Video Premiere

Chunky guitars paired with a breathy, sensuous vocal open Alanna Clarke’s acoustic video for “Heartstrings.”

Spilling into the immediately catchy chorus, Clarke serves up some sweet melodic turns accented by her spot on vocal delivery. Like, like, like!

I can’t help but wanna hear more from this talented artist. Clarke, please bring it on!

Clarke shares, ”I think when I play ‘Heartstrings’ acoustically it adds another dimension to the song. The vibe is more raw, a bit gritty. It feels a bit less sultry and suggestive to me - more of the urgency and unfairness of wanting someone to let you go. Playing just me and my guitar is how I started with performing, so it's a side of myself as an artist that I want to share with people.”

At the age of 15 Clarke decided to pursue music full-time, finishing high school through distance learning. With a cluster of songs in hand and her high school days behind her, Alanna set off to follow her dreams in music and hit the road on tour in her native Canada at the age of 18.

Now 23 she splits her time between Toronto, LA, Nashville and home (Cochrane, Alberta), and has worked with numerous producers and artists to define her truly unique sound. Her music has been described as moving, sultry and soulful, leaving audiences feeling the raw emotion she shares as their own.

Check out the acoustic “Heartstrings” here”

Wanna compare this stripped down version to the fully-produced original? Check it out here!

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