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Hear Jessica Pratt's "Back, Baby" from her Upcoming Release 'On Your Own Love Again' Out Jan 27

Here's the first sing from Jessica Pratt's new album and Drag City debut, On Your Own Love Again, which releases January 27.

We all want the world to be beautiful. We want scribes and songbirds to tell us so-and sometimes they do and then it is. They point their pens and focus their lens where they will and surprise us to our soul. On Your Own Love Again is a record that does it to us, with songs from a breathtaking new place and a gifted young singer with her own musical logic."Back, Baby" is light and arresting, providing an immediate sense of familiarity. Find yourself resting comfortably in its melody and patience, sometimes "praying for the rain" just like Jessica. It's merely a teaser for the total impact On Your Own Love Again will soon provide, but it's a lasting one.Listen to "Back, Baby" now and stay tuned-in to the impending release of On Your Own Love Again, out January 27.Find out more at