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Zakk Wylde Plays New Song, "Autumn Changes," on Hello Kitty Mini-Guitar

Last week—or maybe it was two weeks ago (the days are blending together at this point, to be honest)—the gang over at Loudwire premiered a video in which Zakk Wylde played a classic Black Sabbath song on a Hello Kitty mini-guitar.

While Wylde was visiting the Loudwire studio, however, he shot another video, which you can check out below.

In the clip, Wylde plays an acoustic Hello Kitty version of a new song, "Autumn Changes." The track can be found on Wylde's new solo album, Book of Shadows II, which will be released April 8.

As any little schoolboy knows, Wylde also recently visited Guitar World headquarters in NYC to shoot a new series of lick videos. We premiered the first one earlier this week. Stay tuned for the next two!