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10-Year-Old Li-sa-X Plays Dream Theater’s “Lost Not Forgotten” — Video

Back in 2013, 8-year-old Japanese guitarist Li-sa-X wowed us with a video in which she shreds the Racer X track “Scarified.” Racer X guitarist Paul Gilbert was so impressed that he created a response video in which he invited her to join his online ArtistWorks guitar school for free.

In May of this year, Li-sa-X—now 10—returned with a performance of the Polyphia track “Aviator.”

Now she’s back again! In this newly uploaded video, she shreds her way through the Dream Theater track “Lost Not Forgotten.” As always, it’s an impressive performance, made even more astonishing given her young age.

Li-sa-X’s YouTube channel has picked up nearly 22,500 subscribers since she joined in January 2011, and her videos have accumulated more than 5.7 million views. Take a look at this video and you’ll understand why. You can also follow her on Facebook.