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Hear Rik Emmett's New Song, "Human Race," Featuring Rush's Alex Lifeson

(Image credit: Carl Cederman)

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of “Human Race,” a galloping new song by longtime Triumph guitarist Rik Emmett and his band, RESolution9. The track is from their new album, RES 9, which will be released November 11 via Provogue Records, an imprint of Mascot Label Group.

Best of all, the song features additional fretwork by Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson.

“The idea behind ‘Human Race’ and a lot of the songs on the album was to figure out who I am and why I’m doing what I’m doing,” Emmett says. “I’ve been around the block a few times, but one of the things I like about these lyrics is when we get to the last verse, and it says, ‘I’m still this guy. I still live this.’ And I think that’s very true. There’s also a line in there about raising a joyful noise—and I still want to do that too.”

Lifeson added some period-perfect 12-string guitar parts alongside Emmett and RESolution9's Dave Dunlop.

“When Rik asked me to play on his new album, I didn’t hesitate for a second,” Lifeson says. “He’s the consummate musician, a wonderful guitarist and a terrific person, and it’s always my pleasure to work with him any chance I can get. There is a rock purity in his songwriting and performance, and it’s just so much fun to get together and throw ideas around. He’s always so up and open for anything—even a notoriously uncooperative Rickenbacker 12-string!”

Alex Lifeson and Rik Emmett. Photo: Mark Weiss

“Human Race” is a fitting introduction to the 11 deeply heartfelt songs on RES 9, which veer from the testifying tones of “My Cathedral” to the whispering blues of “The Ghost of Shadow Town” to the cutting-heads guitar duels on “End of the Line." Additionally, “Grand Parade” reunites Emmett with his Triumph bandmates, bassist Mike Levine and drummer Gil Moore, recalling the distinctive intimate feel of Triumph’s “Suitcase Blues,” which Emmett continues to perform solo.

“The context of this entire album for me was, ‘Wow, somebody tossed me a lifeline’," Emmitt says. "I still want to make positive music and offer people something that’s motivating and inspiring—and I want to do it for myself too. I need music, and music can provide that lifeline for me.”

RESolution9 features Emmett’s touring trio: Dunlop on guitar, Steve Skingley on bass and Paul DeLong on drums. Dunlop and Skingley co-produced RES 9 with Emmett.

Below, you can check out "Human Race," the band's upcoming shows, the new album-cover art and a video trailer for RES 9.

Starting today (September 27), when fans order RES 9 via iTunes, they'll get “Human Race” as an immediate download. The album also is available here.

Confirmed Rik Emmett appearances:

  • 10/14 Londonberry, NH Tupelo Music Hall*
  • 10/15 Londonberry, NH Tupelo Music Hall*
  • 11/03 Chicago, IL City Winery*
  • 11/04 Milwaukee, WI Shank Hall*
  • 11/26 Mississauga, ON Living Arts Centre+
  • 12/02 New Hope, PA Havana New Hope*
  • 12/03 Philadelphia, PA Tin Angel*

* indicates Rik Emmett & Dave Dunlop acoustic duo
+ indicates Rik Emmett & RESolution9