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How Metallica Would Sound If They Played in C Tuning

(Image credit: Roger Kisby/Getty Images)

Two months ago, the gang from the Paranormal Guitar Channel asked the musical question, "What If Metallica Played a Whole Step Down?" They even made a very popular video that answered the question for us. (Note: That video has since been removed from YouTube.)

Anyway, they're back with a brand-new "downtuned Metallica" video. This time, they're demonstrating how 10 classic Metallica riffs would sound if were played in standard C tuning.

The 10 songs in the clip include a lot of the usual suspects: "Seek & Destroy," "For Whom the Bell Tolls," "Fade to Black," "Creeping Death," "Orion" and "Master of Puppets," plus "Wherever I May Roam" and, if our math is correct, three more.

They also created a bonus clip called "Downtuned Metallica Riffs Comparison: Original vs. Standard C Tuning" to drive home the point, and we've included that too (bottom video). Enjoy.

If you still haven't heard the brand-new Metallica song, "Atlas, Rise!" (released by the band last night), you can correct that by clicking here.