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Kamchatka Premiere "Get Your Game On" Playthrough Video — Exclusive

Today, presents an exclusive playthrough video of "Get Your Game On" by Kamchatka.

The song is from the band's latest album, Long Road Made of Gold, which will be released May 22 via Despotz Records. You can pre-order the album right here.

The members of Sweden's Kamchatka—Per Wilberg (bass/vocals), Tobias Strandvik (drums) and Thomas "Juneor" Andersson (guitar/vocals)—grew up in the same area and played in local bands but didn't join forces until 2001. Their intriguing mix of blues, progressive rock and metal has been apparent since their 2005 debut album, Kamchatka: Volume 1.

"This is supposed to be an uplifting and 'fun to play song,," Andersson says. "We shot this little clip in Budapest, Hungary, while on tour. The guitar you see me play on is my own signature model for Ibanez, which is called Beard Bender, and I use it live and in the studio."

For more about Kamchatka, follow them on Facebook.

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