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Watch Felix Martin give traditional Venezuelan music a 16-string prog-metal makeover

There isn’t another guitarist quite like Felix Martin. The Berklee grad is known not only for his impossibly dextrous 14- and 16-string electric guitar technique, but also his ability to seamlessly combine prog and world fusion - something ably demonstrated on new track Querencia, which we are exclusively premiering on Guitar World.

Taken from Martin’s new album Caracas, Querencia is a traditional Venezuelan song given a prog-metal twist courtesy of the guitarist’s custom 16-string Kiesel and Line 6 Helix rig.

“This song and the ‘joropo’ style (which is in 3/4) is very popular in the rural areas in Venezuela, where I grew up,” says Martin. “This is the music that I grew up listening to and I wanted to mix it with my own style of playing.

“The footage was filmed by me during my last visit to Venezuela in an urban area in Caracas called San Agustin, reflecting the life of the people living there.

“The techniques I used for this song vary from percussive powerchords, double melodies, chord and melody, plus regular lead lines. I tried to use as many of my own techniques as I could, but keeping a good flow between parts in the song and ensuring the melody is always present.”

We’d say he definitely succeeded. For more info, head over to