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Watch How Children React to Nirvana

Fine Brothers Entertainment, the makers of “Kids React” videos, are back with a new clip showing how kids react to hearing Nirvana for the first time.

In this new clip, the kids listen to a selection of track from Nirvana’s brief catalog. About the only two things they can agree on is that the music is laidback and they can’t understand what Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain is singing.

Among the typical comments:

“They’re really calm.”

“I can’t understand a word they’re saying.”

“This one’s also very calm.”

“It’s very chill.”

“They’re really calm for a rock band.”

“Why are they talking about mashed potatoes?”

“It seems like every part, it’s calm, and then hard, and then calm, and then hard…”

“Is he saying ‘Crocodile’?”

“You couldn’t understand anything that he’s saying.”

After hearing a selection of tracks, the kids are asked why they think Nirvana remain popular today despite having not made an album in more than 20 years.

Best response: “He was really famous, and he died, so now people really like him.”

Have a laugh, and visit the FBE YouTube channel for more.