The Fine Print: Chuck Schuldiner's Tribute Stealth Guitar

Happy Friday, everyone...figured I'd snap a few iPhone pix of the new B.C. Rich Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Stealth guitar that we recently got here at GW HQ.

The guitar is an exact replica of the Stealth guitar Chuck used to play during his heyday with Death. Despite its odd shape, the ax has quickly become a favorite among the Guitar World staff, particularly senior editor/ bossman Brad Angle, whose cold, dead hands will have to be pried from it should B.C. Rich ever demand its return.

We dig the guitar's super-reflective, blacker-than-black finish, and it feels great when grinding out riffs to "Torn to Pieces," "Left to Die," "Crystal Mountain" or any other Death classic.

Here are the specs for the Tribute Stealth:

  • Construction: neck through
  • Body wood: alder
  • Top style: bevel top
  • Tuners: Grover Mini Rotomatics
  • Fretboard: ebony
  • Frets: 24 jumbo
  • Scale: 24 5/8”
  • Bridge: Wrap around
  • Pickups: Dimarzio X2N
  • Controls: 1 volume
  • Color: onyx
  • MSRP: $1390

Click here to see a shot of the Handcrafted Stealth being produced at the B.C. Rich factory, as well as a shot of Chuck’s original Stealth guitar, photographed by Jimmy Hubbard at Chuck’s mother’s home in Florida in 2007.

And for a laugh, enjoy this shot of me taking photos of Death onstage during the 1989 Milwaukee Metalfest III. Hint...I'm the only one in the venue wearing a red shirt.


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