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Guilty Pleasures: Whitechapel

Originally published in Guitar World, March 2010

Whitechapel's Alex Wade reveals to Guitar World some of his guiltiest pleasures.

SONG “To be honest, I listen to a lot of stuff that most metalheads would think was lame. But I think you just can’t listen to metal all the time, so one thing I do enjoy listening to a lot is the new Cartel album, Cycles. I think it is a really good album. There is no specific song that is my guilty pleasure. I just like and enjoy the whole album in general.”

WEB SITE “I really enjoy It’s an awesome site, and I post on there a lot. There are a lot of gear reviews and people talking to each and giving advice on gear and using seven-string guitars.”

MOVIE “The [2004] movie The Notebook, as lame as that sounds. I know it’s definitely real sappy and a real girlie movie, but overall I think that movie is really awesome. And that’s ironic, as it is probably the exact opposite of metal.”