New Book/CD: Step-by-Step Breakdown of Jeff Beck's Guitar Styles and Techniques

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Take a deep breath and jump into the guitar adventure that is Jeff Beck.

Jeff Beck: A Step-by-Step Breakdown of His Guitar Styles and Techniques is an exclusive book/CD pack that features in-depth analysis of the songs and solos that highlight Beck's career, from the Yardbirds to his landmark jazz-fusion albums of the Seventies to the present day.

Ten songs are analyzed, including:

• Beck's Bolero
• Big Block
• Cause We've Ended as Lovers
• A Day in the Life
• El Becko
• Freeway Jam
• Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
• Led Boots
• Over Under Sideways Down
• Rock My Plimsoul

This book/CD package is available now at the Guitar World Online Store for $22.99.