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Playlist: Joey Jordison

Originally published in Guitar World, November 2010

The Murderdolls guitarist talks to Guitar World about what's on his iPod.

“Little T&A”—The Rolling Stones

“This song made me want to play rock and roll. I was five years old and I picked up the guitar. Keith Richards’ chorus spoke to me louder than anything. I had no idea what T&A was, but I knew rock and roll.”

“Whole Lotta Love”—Led Zeppelin

“One of the most hypnotic guitar songs in my opinion, ever.”

“Young Turks”—Rod Stewart

“People will think I’m crazy, which I am, but this song taught me how to write a song. It’s not really a guitar song, as it’s driven by the keyboards, but it’s amazing. I always played my first acoustic to it. Put simply, the song rules!”

“You Make Loving Fun”—Fleetwood Mac

“Driven by an organ, this time by Christine McVie. This was how I learned chords. Awesome.”


“The end riff. I wrote that at the last minute, just before we went into the studio [Jordison plays drums for Slipknot]. To this day, none of the tab books and people can figure that one out! It destroys.”