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Poll: What Was George Harrison's Coolest Beatles-Era Guitar?

Forty-nine years ago, after the Beatles made their debut appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, thousands of kids across the US suddenly "needed" electric guitars, basses and drums.

Kids who were able to pick out their dream gear took their cues from their new long-haired heroes and tracked down Gretsch and Rickenbacker guitars, Hofner basses, Vox amps and Ludwig drums.

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Since then, the gear used by the Beatles from 1963 to 1970 has been a never-ending source of fascination for fans, musicians, musicologists and gear heads. And while Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and John Lennon stuck with a handful of brands, lead guitarist George Harrison kept things interesting for gear-obsessed fans, going from Gretsch to Gretsch to Gretsch to Gibson to Rickenbacker to Rickenbacker to Fender to Epiphone to Gibson to Fender again. And we're even leaving out some stuff.

In honor of Harrison, who was born 70 Februarys ago, we want your opinion on which Beatles-era Harrison guitar is the most important, the most iconic or simply the coolest of the bunch.

Check out the choices below and vote!

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