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Ronnie Radke and Falling In Reverse Launch Bury the Hatchet Tour with Escape The Fate: "It Was Time"

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Ever since Ronnie Radke's not-so-amicable departure from Escape The Fate, his subsequent incarceration and the formation of his new band, Falling In Reverse, both bands — and to an extent, their fans — have waged a semi-constant battle in the press.

Now, however, Radke has buried the hatchet with his former band.

To prove it, Falling In Reverse and Escape The Fate have joined forces to launch a major-market tour — the Bury the Hatchet Tour — which will make its way across the US beginning January 15, 2014.

Falling In Reverse's sophomore album, Fashionably Late, which was released in June, introduces hip-hop and electronic elements to the band's current combination of metal core and radio-friendly choruses, creating its own unique sound. The new album is also the first to feature bassist Ron Ficarro and drummer Ryan Seaman.

We recently caught up with Radke and discussed the album, the tour — and the end of his long, often bitter feud with Escape The Fate. You check out all the current dates at the bottom of this story.

GUITAR WORLD: What made you decide to finally bury the hatchet with Escape The Fate?

It was time. As a fan, it's crazy when you think about your favorite bands feuding, and finding yourself having to choose a side. Then one day you wake up and realize you don't have to choose a side anymore, because everyone gets along. And what better way to end a feud than by going out on tour together and giving the fans something they'll never forget?

Can you tell us anything about the tour schedule?

Starting January 15, we'll be doing a big market tour over all of the major cities across America. We'll be joined by Chelsea Grinn and Survive This. Prior to that, my band will be doing the Living the Dream Foundation Acoustic Tour in smaller rooms with no other bands. We'll be raising money for kids who are terminally ill and fans of the band.

What can you tell us about your new album, Fashionably Late?

Fashionably Late is a sound of all of my collective thoughts together. Everything that I've ever felt, all together. The title pays homage to an old record from Escape The Fate. Diehard fans will know the play on words.

What was the writing and recording process like?

Usually, I'll start by singing a melody and then put guitars behind it. I think the most important and catchy way to write songs is to write the guitars around a vocal. As far as recording goes, what I did first was write and record the album in a home studio. Then I presented the album to the band and we learned all of the songs together. Afterwards, we went back into the studio and did it the real way.

You've incorporated quite a bit of hip-hop and electronica on the new album. How and why did that come about?

We wanted to be different from everything else. A lot of bands get stuck in a rut and don't want to change their sound, either because they're not allowed to or because they're afraid of being scrutinized.

Did you always know music would be your calling?

When I was younger, music was always there. It was something that was very natural for me. I've never taken vocal lessons, and songs would just come out of me. I found myself getting better and better with practice.

Who were some of your influences when you were coming up?

Eminem was a big influence for me. I was also into a lot of classic rock and metal, bands like Mötley Crüe; Black Sabbath and Judas Priest.

How did Falling In Reverse come to be?

While I was in solitary confinement, I had a lot of friends who would write me all the time and tell me I should never give up on my dreams. That really inspired me. By the time I got out, I had a band waiting for me and a label ready to make a record. That's what we did.

2014 BURY THE HATCHET TOUR: Falling In Reverse and Escape The Fate

Wed/Jan-15-2014 Los Angeles, CA Wiltern
Thu/Jan-16-2014 San Diego, CA Soma
Fri/Jan-17-2014 Phoenix, AZ Marquis
Sat/Jan-18-2014 Las Vegas, NV HOB
Mon/Jan-20-2014 Dallas, TX HOB
Tue/Jan-21-2014 Houston, TX HOB
Wed/Jan-22-2014 San Antonio, TX Backstage
Fri/Jan-24-2014 Tampa, FL Jannus
Sat/Jan-25-2014 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Revolution
Sun/Jan-26-2014 Orlando, FL HOB
Mon/Jan-27-2014 Atlanta, GA Masquerade
Tue/Jan-28-2014 Norfolk, VA Norva
Wed/Jan-29-2014 Silver Springs, MD Fillmore
Thu/Jan-30-2014 New York, NY Best Buy
Sat/Feb-01-2014 Worcester, MA Palladium
Sun/Feb-02-2014 Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory
Tue/Feb-04-2014 Detroit MI Royal Oak
Wed/Feb-05-2014 Chicago, IL HOB
Fri/Feb-07-2014 Denver, CO Ogden
Sat/Feb-08-2014 SLC, UT Complex
Mon/Feb-10-2014 Seattle, WA Showbox
Tue/Feb-11-2014 Portland, OR Wonder
Thu/Feb-13-2014 San Francisco, CA Regency
Fri/Feb-14-2014 Pomona, CA Fox

For more about Falling In Reverse, visit their official website and Facebook page.

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