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Video: Steve Morse Plays, Discusses Ernie Ball Cobalt Electric Guitar Strings

Here's a video of Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs and Flying Colors guitarist Steve Morse playing and discussing Ernie Ball's new Cobalt guitar strings.

"In the low range, where things tend to get muddy, I can get more enunciation, more definition," says Morse in the video. "Instead of turning up the treble on the amplifier, which makes the high end sound shrill, these strings let me keep a thick sound."

Ernie Ball recently announced the new line of electric bass and guitar strings, which is made out of cobalt, the most magnetically active material. Ernie Ball's patent pending advancement in technology stems from a nine-year pursuit in researching materials that give guitarists and bassists a new-and-improved voice.

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Find out more about Cobalt Slinkys at or at at Ernie Ball's official website.