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20 Bygone Guitar and Amp Brands Worth Checking Out

Gear companies come and go all the time. And with the new equipment that’s always coming to market, it’s easy to forget those who are gone.

Phillip McKnight is here to remind us of 20 now-defunct guitar and amp brands whose gear is worth seeking out the next time you’re on eBay or shopping for second-hand bargains at your local music store.

The list includes Modulus, Flea Bass, Memphis, Hondo, Series 10, Bentley, Vester, Electra, Parker, Crate, Black Heart, Garrison, Heartfield, Sigma Martin, Bolt, Robin (whose Fleetwood model is shown above), Tocama, GTX, Westone, and Metaltronix.

In the video, Phillip talks about some of the specific models he thinks are worth your time.

Check it out, and visit Phillip’s YouTube channel for more of his videos.