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AXOLOGY: Carr Amplifiers introduces Raleigh amp

Carr’s new Raleigh amp is a three-watt 1x10 compact tube combo designed for home and studio use.

The Raleigh features an Eminence ’Lil Buddy hemp-cone speaker and a complement of two 12AX7 tubes and one EL84 tube. The amp has controls for volume, tone and master volume and a gain/master toggle switch. Sounds range from glassy Sixties-era blackface tones to juicy sustained overdrive.

The Raleigh measures 16 x 12 1/8 x 8 1/4 inches (WxHxD) and weighs 21 pounds. It’s available in a black cabinet with black front panels ($1,250), in custom-color cabinets with custom-color front panels ($1,350), and in color cabinets with maple or cherry front panels ($1,500).