AXOLOGY: At Orange, the Tiny Terror Grows

So you’ve released an all-tube 15-watt amp head the size of a lunch pail, and it becomes a monster hit, selling more than 10 thousand units in just 18 months. What do you do for an encore?

The chaps at Orange figure a 1x12 combo version should do the trick. The new Tiny Terror combo combines the Brit company’s Tiny Terror head with a Celestion 30-watt G12H speaker. Both reside inside a very tidy-looking cabinet reminiscent of Orange’s Seventies-era OTR combos.

According to Orange, the Tiny Terror combo was developed following sustained demand for it from guitarists, studios and even journalists (as if anyone listens to them). Like the Tiny Terror head, it puts out 15 watts RMS of Class A power (7 watts RMS Class A with the half-power switch engaged) and has controls for gain, tone and volume. Two 12AX7 tubes reside in the preamp, while a pair of EL84s go to work in the power amp.

List price is $1,039, street is $819. Units should begin shipping in mid-to-late summer.