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Barefaced Audio Introduces New GX and GXII Guitar Cabinets

Barefaced Audio has introduced its new GX and GXII guitar cabinets. 

The new models boast patent-pending Augmented Vent Diffractor (AVD) technology; rather than having the cab be open- or closed-backed, the AVD technology takes the sound from the rear of the speaker and disperses it around the room. According to the company, this allows the cab to deliver twice the output as a result of the front and rear of the cone working in unison.

The new cabinets feature a low cut toggle that makes it possible to switch from closed-back style fatness to open-backed style tightness and a choice of American or British voicing. The cabinets are handmade in the U.K. and come finished in racing green Tolex.

The GX boasts a single 10” driver and is available for £329, or approximately $417. The 12” GXII is available for £429 (approx. $544). 

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