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Blackstar Amplification Introduces Compact LT Series of Effect Pedals

Blackstar Amplification has added the affordable LT range of compact boost, overdrive and distortion pedals.

Tonally derived from Blackstar's award-winning HT pedal range, these new pedals offer high-quality sonic performance, tube-like responsiveness and rugged metal housing for durability.

Each pedal in the range can be powered by a 9V battery, as well as an optional mains adaptor, and can be easily incorporated into a player's existing pedal board.

All pedals in the range feature high integrity buffered bypass and silent switching. In addition, the LT DIST, LT-Metal and LT Dual models offer the lowest cost option ever for players who want to experience Blackstar's patented ISF control, which enables players to take their sound from UK to US and anywhere in between.

The following models are included in the LT range:

Continuously variable boost
Bass and Treble 'cut and boost' controls for tonal refinement

Overdrive pedal with simple and versatile Gain, Level, Tone layout
Sonically based on Blackstar's HT-Drive tube pedal for a robust tone

Simple and versatile distortion pedal with Gain, Level and Tone controls
Patented ISF control
Tonal refinement

Extreme gain and tone
Easy to use Gain, Level and Tone controls
Patented ISF control

Two Gain and Level-equipped distortion channels
Shared Tone and patented ISF controls
Clean boost to high gain drive in a single pedal
Unique switching — turn a single-channel amp into a 3-channel monster

These pedals mark the start of an ongoing series which will expand to encompass gain, time and modulation-based effects. All models will be available Fall 2013, with US Street pricing as follows: LT Boost - $79.99; LT Drive - $79.99; LT Dist - $99.99; LT Metal - $99.99; LT Dual - $149.99.

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