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New and Cool: Boss Compact Pedal 40th Anniversary Box Set

Honestly, we wouldn't mind unwrapping a present like this.

Honestly, we wouldn't mind unwrapping a present like this. (Image credit: Boss)

The Boss Compact Pedal 40th Anniversary Box Set is a special limited-edition commemorative package that features one-time-only reissues of the original three Boss compact pedal models: OD-1 Overdrive, PH-1 Phaser and SP-1 Spectrum.

Each pedal set is made in Japan and comes in a deluxe presentation box with a serial number, the Boss 40th Anniversary logo and a personal message from Boss President Yoshihiro Ikegami.

The reissue OD-1, PH-1 and SP-1 pedals are produced exactly as the originals were, with wiring and circuit adjustment performed by hand on a special production line in Japan. All electronic components are carefully selected, ensuring fully accurate reproduction of the original pedals’ sound and response.

Each pedal also includes subtle improvements for modern performance, including a PSAcompatible power supply section with a protection circuit and noise filter, a reinforced battery snap and an LED that shows effect on/off status.

LIST PRICE $899.99

Paul Riario

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