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Danelectro Unveils New ’66T and ’59X Guitars

Danelectro '66 T

Danelectro '66 T (Image credit: Danelectro)

Danelectro has unveiled its new ’66T and ’59X guitars. The new axes add Wilkinson tremolos and coil-splittable humbuckers to classic designs.

The Danelectro '66 is now available as the '66T (pictured above). The guitar features Wilkinson vibrato, as well as a vintage-style single coil in the neck and a twin lipstick humbucker in the bridge. That humbucker is coil-splittable via a push/pull tone control.

The ’66T’s semi-hollow body comes equipped with a solid centre-block. The guitar is available in Transparent Orange, Transparent Blue, Gloss Black and 3 Tone Sunburst finishes, and is also available in identical, baritone form as the ’66BT Baritone.

Danelectro '59X

Danelectro '59X (Image credit: Danelectro)

The '59X adds an offset, high-output humbucker-sized single-coil neck pickup, plus a lipstick humbucker in the bridge, to Danelectro's iconic '59 design.

The '59X's humbucker can be split via a push/pull tone control, and a tremolo option is available as the ’59XT.

The '59X is available in Cream, Dark Blue, Dark Red and Black finishes, while the '59XT is available in Gloss Black, Aqua, Burgundy and Silver finishes.

The Danelectro ’59X ($449), ’59XT ($499), ’66T ($749) and ’66BT ($799) are all available now.

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