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Dean Markley Introduces Blackhawk Coated Guitar Strings

(Image credit: Dean Markley)

Dean Markley has introduced its new Blackhawk coated guitar strings.

From the company:

From the studio by day to the stage at night, natural tone soars with Blackhawk, a new series of coated guitar strings from Dean Markley USA. Available for electric and acoustic guitars, Blackhawk takes flight with tonal versatility, strength and quality for a wide style of playing providing players with ultimate string performance without the flakey, shedding residue of other coated strings.

A guitarist's choice of strings is as personal as their choice of instrument. The decision impacts not only tonal quality, but also the player's unique sound—their individuality as a musician. With this in mind, Dean Markley's Blackhawk Coated Acoustic strings offer two different alloy wraps for distinct tones:

Blackhawk 80/20 Bronze: Bring the brass with 80 percent copper and 20 percent zinc. These strings make a bold statement with a crisp, deep tone that’s ideal for recording.

Blackhawk Phosphor Bronze: The hawk returns to nest with this warm, bright and well-balanced tone. The 92 percent copper and 8 percent tin composition provide excellent intonation and tone life.

Blackhawk Coated Electric strings round out the series with sophistication. The wound string has a hexagonal core made of high-carbon steel, providing superior strength and unparalleled pitch stability. The wire wraps are uniquely engineered on proprietary machinery with advanced wire-coating technology. It’s hard to believe, let alone see, that these strings are coated when a digital micrometer is used to measure the drastically reduced thickness. Like a beautiful bird soaring through the wild, the natural tones of Blackhawk Coated Electric strings are unrepressed.

Proudly made in the U.S., Dean Markley Blackhawk strings are now available at your local store. To find a dealer, visit