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Decibel Eleven Introduces Dirt Clod Analog Overdrive Distortion Pedal

Decibel Eleven has announced the release of the Dirt Clod pedal.

This overdrive/distortion pedal is fully analog and features 10 memory presets. It also features two styles of clipping and variable mid and high controls.

With the Dirt Clod, players can save and recall presets or use the pedal's bank mode to scroll through and select different presets. Full MIDI capabilities allow the Dirt Clod to be used with the simplest MIDI controller for automatically recalling presets or bypassing the pedal. MIDI expression pedal data can control any of the Dirt Clod parameters in real time, allowing guitarists ultimate control to adjust distortion while playing.

“As our first official Decibel Eleven guitar effects pedal, we understood that aside from providing unique memory presets, the sound quality of the overdrive distortion had to be exceptional,” said Chris Hern, DB-11 vice president of product development. “Guitarists of various styles and genres have provided phenomenal feedback, confirming that we accomplished our objective.”

The Dirt Clod's street price is $189.

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