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Dwarfcraft Unveils New Eau Claire Thunder Gold Standard Distortion

Dwarfcraft has announced the Eau Claire Thunder Gold Standard, an update of the company's flagship Eau Claire Thunder distortion pedal

The new limited edition design boasts a smaller, streamlined enclosure and control interface, with germanium diodes and NOS Fairchild 2n5133 transistors. According to Dwarfcraft, “the use of NOS transistors also decreased the gain, making this version of the circuit warmer, a little more ‘wooly,’ and somewhat more versatile than the balls-out OG Thunder.”

There's also a Timewarp toggle, which controls a clipping diode, and a Toneblast switch that bypasses the tone control for more volume and a fuller frequency response.

Dwarfcraft is building just 73 Eau Claire Thunder Gold Standard pedals, with a retail price of $229

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