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Electro-Harmonix Announces Green Russian Big Muff Reissue

(Image credit: EHX)

Electro-Harmonix has reissued the mid-90s cult classic pedal, the Green Russian Big Muff, in a compact Nano-sized chassis.

Heralded by guitarists and bassists for its devastating low-end and unique sludge and sizzle, the Green Russian Big Muff creates a huge tone that is all its own.

Designed as a faithful recreation of the original, the Green Russian Big Muff has a tone that is darker and punchier in the bass than a standard Big Muff. Sustain controls the amount of drive from a warm fuzzy drive to fully saturated Muff distortion. Tone tailors the harmonic distortion from wooly bass to searing treble tones. Volume sets the overall output level.

The Green Russian Big Muff comes equipped with a 9V battery or can be powered by an optional 9-volt AC adapter.

The pedal is available now and carries a U.S. street price of $80.60.

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