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Epiphone Launches Free EON App for iOS and Android — Video

Epiphone has introduced its new Epiphone owners newsletter app, also known as EON.

It's the first official app designed especially for new and longtime owners of Epiphone instruments.

The app is free to fans who own Android and IOS devices. EON owners will receive daily updates of Epiphone artist news, exclusive interviews, product demonstration videos, product updates and offers and giveaways, as well as tips and techniques for acoustic and electric guitar and bass players.

"The EON app is a new and exciting way to unite our fans both young and old from around the world," says Jim Rosenberg, Epiphone's president.

"We wanted to make an app that would not only be the premier source for Epiphone news and information but would also be a useful tool and companion for our players on the road, at rehearsals or gigs or just practicing at home."

In the video below, Guitar World's Paul Riario discusses the new app.



For more information about EON, visit its page at

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