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Farm Pedals Releases New Fly Agaric Phaser

(Image credit: courtesy of Farm Pedals)

Farm Pedals has announced the first production run of its Fly Agaric Phaser, which has previously been available only in small-batch hand-wired versions.

A vintage, vibe voiced, four-stage phaser with two independent LFOs, the Fly Agaric boasts two independent speed controls that, matched with a direction altering footswitch, allow for a wide range of textural cross-phasing.

The pedal features two knobs, each dedicated to controlling one LFO, as well as two footswitches. The left footswitch mirror switches the speed of the first LFO, creating textural cross-phasing on the fly, while the right footswitch engages the pedal.

The Fly Agaric Phaser is available for $185. 

For more information or to purchase, head to Farm Pedals.