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Fender Announces New Rumble Series Amplifiers

Fender has announced two new Rumble Series amplifiers. The new amps—the Rumble Studio 40 and Rumble Stage 800—are Fender's first Wi-Fi-enabled bass amplifiers.

From the company: The Rumble Studio 40 is ideal for recording enthusiasts, home players and beginners alike, especially with its light weight and portability. However, the 40-watt amplifier is powerful enough to be used for small gigs. The Rumble Stage 800 is an 800-watt amplifier that is intended for use on stages of any size. It’s Fender’s flagship bass combo, and most-powerful high-end bass combo currently offered. Both models feature Mustang GT functions, such as color display, effects, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB audio, compatibility with the Fender Tone App and a looper, as well as an MGT-4 switch on the Rumble 800.

In conjunction with the Fender Tone App (for iOS and Android), the Rumble Studio 40 and the Rumble Stage 800 these models allow players to easily switch between amplifier models and different presets that closely replicate famous tones. The Fender Tone website will also be compatible with Rumble amplifiers, including a detailed display of available presets curated by Fender, artists and users within the Tone community.

Fender's new Rumble Series amplifiers are available now for $349.99 (the Studio 40) and $799.99 (the Stage 800).

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Fender Rumble Stage 800

Fender Rumble Stage 800 (Image credit: Fender)