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FLEXeFX Introduces Guitar Effect Pedals with Foot Wheels for Real-Time Tone Control

FLEXeFX has re-imagined the guitar effects pedal by introducing foot wheels that allow guitarists to control their sound in real time with their feet, without bending over or taking their hands away from their instrument.

The company also has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the project.

“We live in the golden age of guitar pedals with nearly 600 new guitar pedal companies launching in the past two years," says William Gadol, FLEXeFX president. "However, none of them addressed the fundamental short-coming that plagues the pedal’s housing: the inability to change their sound on the fly with their feet. FLEXeFX pedals solve that problem.

“FLEXeFX pedals allow the player real-time, dynamic control over the parameters of their guitar pedal tones which allows for greater expression and artistic creativity.”

Each pedal features two large wheels mounted on either side of the pedal. Each wheel is connected to a potentiometer that controls a single setting on the pedal. For the Delay pedal, the wheels control Mix and Feedback. For the Tremolo pedal, the wheels control Speed and Depth. For the Reverb pedal, the wheels control Mix and Dwell. FLEXeFX is introducing a Dual Expression pedal with Tap-Tempo and a Mixer pedal.

The Mixer’s wheels blend between two separate effects loops and blend between wet and dry. The Mixer gives players a level of tonal flexibility that will cause players to completely re-think the capabilities of their existing pedals. The FLEXeFX video below demonstrates these pedals.

FLEXeFX wheels come with mechanical stops that allow users to set the wheel’s upper and lower thresholds. These stops act as manual presets and prevent the wheels from traveling past their desired positions. A US patent has been awarded to FLEXeFX Inc.

Visit the FLEXeFX Kickstarter campaign here or check out