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FU-Tone Launches New Titanium and Naval Brass Locking Nuts

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FU-Tone, a company that specializes in high-performance guitar parts with an emphasis on bridges and tremolos, has introduced its new locking nut.

"I have always loved the sound of a brass nut upgrade on Strats and Les Pauls," says FU-Tone's Adam Reiver. "Brass is an inherently soft material and would not make the best locking nut based on the job it needs to do.

"After experimenting with several different alloys, we finally found the right version of 'naval brass' that does the job of locking the strings in place and giving the sound of the classic brass nut."

FU-Tone also offers titanium locking nuts, which provide the ultimate in strength and accuracy while increasing sustain, warmth and clarity. The naval brass and titanium locking nuts come in 1 5/8” (R2) and 1 11/16” (R3).

For a naval brass nut setup demo, check out the video below.

Retail: $259 (naval brass), $269 (titanium)

For ordering information, visit and see the “Locking Nut” section to the left.