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GTC Sound Innovations Launches Wireless FX Processor + Touchpad for Guitars

GTC Sound Innovations is gearing up to launch its touchpad, wireless technology to the masses.

The first 100 units will be sold to early adapters and guitarists who are serious about levelling up the way they play.

This patented TouchFX technology, is the first wireless touchpad-controlled, multi-effects guitar processor, creating a completely new dimension of sounds that will make any guitar player sound unique in his or her expression. All this can happen up to 75 feet away from the base station, while maintaining the true sound of the guitar.

The REVPAD touch controller is a small, ergonomically designed device that can be easily attached (just like a sticker) to any amplified guitar—electric, acoustic or bass. The REVPAD transmits expression control wirelessly to a sound-processing base unit that contains high-end digital effects along with traditional analog distortion and overdrive. The REVPAD’s effects library consists of more than 30 effects from which to choose, which can be placed into eight FX blocks with multiple routing options.

There's also an additional external FX loop for existing pedals. The REVPAD also transmits MIDI patch changes and continuous control data for easy integration with synths and VST plug-ins. MIDI input allows for control of the REVPAD from sequencers and other external devices.

“What a guitar player normally does with his feet, he can now do with his picking hand, never moving it from its normal playing position and avoiding the normal tap dance around the pedal board," says Daniel Shavit, lead developer of the REVPAD. “The touchpad becomes part of the guitarist’s playing style, a true expression device of the highest quality sound processing.”

GTC Sound Innovations is running a presale event and taking orders for the REVPAD, which will be sold in limited quantities at 40 percent off the official launch price. For more information about GTC Sound Innovations in the U.S., contact Ed Simeone at For direct factory contact, contact Oded Elboim at

For general information, visit