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Ibanez Introduces Kaoss Guitar and Bass — Demo Video

Ibanez has introduced the Kaoss guitar and bass.

From the company:

For those looking to weave the dynamic elements of electronic music into their sound Ibanez introduces the RGKP6 Kaoss Guitar and the SRKP4 Bass.

Each instrument includes a built-in/detachable Korg mini kaoss pad 2S that puts 100 effect programs within fingertips distance. Other mini kaoss pad 2S features include a synthesizer, built-in mp3 player and digital recorder. As if that weren't enough, both axes contain a built-in distortion circuit for additional sonic mayhem.

For more information, check out the how-to/demo video below and visit Ibanez online. The link goes directly to the Ibanez/Korg page.

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