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ISP Technologies Unveils New Deci-Mate Mini-Pedal

ISP Technologies has introduced the new Deci-Mate, a downsized version of its popular Decimator noise suppressor circuit that is housed in a small, micro-pedal package.

The Deci-Mate promises new tracking improvements over existing Decimators, with an adaptive response that can cope with staccato playing and sustained notes.

A single threshold knob controls the level of noise reduction, which, according to ISP, is all that is required—its algorithm aims to do away with any release control.

Other features include:

• True Bypass design

• New DECIMATOR X Technology uses Time Vector Integration. Adaptive release provides smoothest release response possible

• Adaptive release tracks both staccato and long sustained notes

• Adaptive tracking response tracks any playing style

• Greater than 90db effective noise reduction

• Superior design to noise gates using downward expansion with adaptive release

• Analog circuit for transparency / no digital aliasing

The Deci-Mate is available beginning in October.

For more information, head over to ISP Technologies.