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Mad Hatter Guitar Products Introduces Terminator 6S System

Mad Hatter Guitar Products is excited to announce the Terminator 6S as the latest addition to its Terminator product line. The Terminator 6S is designed for guitars with three pickups that typically have a five-way selector switch.

The design is based around the new OakGrisby six-way selector switch and offers the same combinations as expected with the five-way selector in positions 1 through 5, but with one more position that combines the neck and bridge pickups together.

Like all Terminator systems, the Terminator 6S system has Mad Hatter Guitar Products' exclusive CTS “Goes to Eleven” Volume and “Killer” Tone Pots offering 250k, 500k and 750k wiring options. Terminator Yin-Yang Push/Pull pots for coil splitting can be added to all Terminator 6S systems.

The Terminator 6S is available in three base systems:
• SVDT-6S – Single Volume Dual Tone
• SVST-6S – Single Volume Single Tone
• SV-6S – Single Volume

Like all Terminator systems, each Terminator 6S system includes a Switchraft output jack, easy-to-read instructions and all the components needed to bring the best out of your guitar.

Check out the Mad Hatter Solderless Terminator System overview video below. Terminator 6S systems start at $69.99. Custom-designed systems are available upon request.

In addition to its patent pending Terminator system, Mad Hatter Guitar Products carries a full line of accessories that include guitar straps, instrument cables, guitar picks and T-shirts.

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