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Mad Hatter Guitar Products Introduces Transformer Series Terminator Systems

Mad Hatter Guitar Products Terminator 4/3 Series

Mad Hatter Guitar Products Terminator 4/3 Series (Image credit: Courtesy of Mad Hatter Guitar Products)

Mad Hatter Guitar Products has announced its new Transformer Series of terminator systems.

The Transformer Series is a collection of carefully engineered terminator systems designed to transform a guitar without compromising the original characteristics of the instrument. Each terminator system in the Transformer Series is equipped with a unique P/P Tone Pot specific to each setup. When the P/P Tone Pot is not engaged the guitar will operate as usual. Engaging the P/P Tone Pot however, will give the guitar new pickup combinations and sounds to expand the guitar’s capabilities.

The Terminator 3/3 system is designed for traditional Strat-style guitars with three single coil pickups. The Terminator 4/3 system is designed for Humbucker/single/single equipped guitars.

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