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Mojotone Launches New Make it Monday Program

In support of Mojotone’s focus on their Build. Repair. Modify. Initiative, the company is launching a new information and tip program: Make it Monday.

Make it Monday will be published on the first Monday of every month, and will feature tips, walk-throughs, build ideas and general information to inspire and assist players with their guitar and amp related projects.

From simple pedal kit builds to more complex amp kits and everything in between, Mojotone aims to inform and educate those that are interested in DIY guitar and amp projects.

With over 100 years of collective experience in guitar and amp service and repair, Mojotone is excited to share with customers of all levels. CEO Michael McWhorter explains, “We are fortunate to have a very skilled and talented team that serves a customer that is hungry for information. We’ve come to believe it is our responsibility to share as much information and knowledge as possible in order for the art of what we support to survive. We learned repair and service with the help and support of people that had done it before us, and it’s our turn to do the same.”

The Build. Repair. Modify. Initiative also includes Fix it Friday, which will focus on troubleshooting and repairs, amp build workshops taking place at retail and repair shops around the US, and the planned Tech Bootcamp that will be hosted at the new Mojotone facility that is being completed now.

The first Make it Monday article launched January 1, 2018, and focuses on setting up a workbench with tips on lighting, tools, storage and more. Check out the article here.