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Mooer Unveils Three New Micro Preamp Mini-Pedals

(Image credit: Mooer)

Mooer has expanded its Micro Preamp range with three new mini-pedals, the 016 Phoenix, 017 Cali Mk IV and 018.

The 016 Phoenix is Mooer's tribute to modern, German-designed metal amps, promising crystalline cleans on one channel, and contemporary high-gain tones on  the other.

The 017 Cali Mk IV pays homage to Californian combos, and aims to deliver modern-day session sounds, spanning “shimmering” cleans and bluesier crunch.

The 018 is based on a 100-watt Plexi-based boutique signature amp, with a range of tones from classic British cleans to high-gain sounds.

Just as with all other mini-pedals on the Micro Preamp line, the 016, 017 and 018 feature dual channels with independent gain, volume and EQ, dual footswitch modes for on/off or A/B channel switching and an optional built-in cab sim.

Mooer’s new Micro Preamps will be available soon for $99 each.

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