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Have We Accidentally Spotted a Prototype Orange Amps Effect Pedal?

NOTE: Updated Thursday, February 26

Yesterday, the gang at Orange Amps posted this photo (below) to the company's official Facebook page.

The photo was accompanied by the harmless caption, "Orange Ambassadors Monolord took a tour of Orange HQ and met with our Lead Designer and Mad Scientist Adrian Emsley."

That's very nice and all, but what's that, um, pedal behind the denim-clad blond-haired guy on our far left?

The effect pedal, which is of the large, rectangular variety, is black with orange knobs and clearly sports an Orange Amps logo. If this is what we think it is (an effect pedal made by Orange Amps), it's sort of a big deal, since the U.K.-based amp maker does not currently make effect pedals!

We can't make out what the knobs are for, but we can see a word on the chassis; it's something that looks like "RangeeTar," whatever that is. Care to speculate?

UPDATE: It seems Orange has mysteriously deleted the photo in question! Stay tuned for updates!