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Poll: What Is Your Favorite Tremolo/Vibrato System for Guitar?

Do you tremble at the sight of the Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo?

Do you dig the vintage vibe of the Bigsby Vibrato?

Or, like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Dick Dale, Hank Marvin and Jeff Beck, are you getting along just fine with your Fender Strat's ages-old Synchronized, "vintage-style" system?

Let your voice be heard -- take the poll below and vote for your preferred whammy bar system. You'll notice we're trying to keep it simple by limiting the number of choices; however, feel free to enter another system into the "Other" field.

Examples of these would include Stetsbar, Wilkinson, Super Vee Blade Runner, Fender Dynamic Tremolo, Fender Floating Tremolo and Fender Two-Point Synchronized Tremolo.

Thanks for voting! Now start doing some dive bombs!