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Reverend Guitars Unveils Reeves Gabrels Signature RGX

(Image credit: courtesy of Reverend)

Follows the recent announcement of the new Manta Ray 390, Reverend Guitars has unveiled the Reeves Gabrels Signature RGX, a 10th anniversary version of the Cure and David Bowie guitarist’s signature RG-1.

The new model boasts a korina body with a flame maple top in a transparent black finish, with a chrome pickguard and “RGX” engraved on the fretboard.

As with the standard version of the Reeves Gabrels Signature, the RGX features a pau ferro fretboard, bound tilt-back headstock, Wilkinson tremolo routed underneath for extra travel, a push-pull phase switch in the tone control knob and a pair of Gabrels’ signature Railhammer pickups in brushed nickel.

The Reeves Gabrels Signature RGX is available for $1,439. For more information, head to Reverend Guitars.