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Rocktron Announces New VooDu Valve LTD

Rocktron has announced the VooDu Valve LTD, a limited-edition iteration of the company’s VooDu Valve guitar preamp. 

The 24-bit DSP digital/tube preamp boasts High and Low tube gain selections, as well as a preamp section with Variac, Pentode, Triode and Solid State voicings. There are also pre- and post-EQ sections.

Effects include an internal wah as well as digital reverb, pitch shifting, phasing, compression, tremolo, chorus, flanging and delay.

There’s also Advanced Speaker Simulation, HUSH Noise Reduction and "Variac" Simulation, which adjusts the level at which the preamp begins to distort.

Other features on the VooDu include XLR outputs with level control, full MIDI implementation, headphone output and tap tempo delay.

For more information, head over to Rocktron.