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Seymour Duncan Mick Thomson EMTY Blackouts Now Available for 7-String Guitars

EMTY Blackouts, pickups designed by Seymour Duncan and Mick Thomson of Slipknot, are now available for 7-string guitars.

Thomson was already a Blackouts fan before he and Seymour Duncan collaborated on his signature model pickups.

“Blackouts have a lot more tone than your typical active pickup,” Thomson said. “They sound more real. It’s a bigger sound, with richer harmonics and a wider frequency range.”

EMTY Blackouts maintain those qualities, but they’re custom voiced to suit Thomson’s signature low tunings. Seymour Duncan tightened the bass response for better low-end articulation, avoiding the “woofy” sound that can plague dropped tunings. Thomson also requested more high-end “cut,” but without added harshness.

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