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Swap Pickups in 30 Seconds—with Strings Still Attached

Imagine swapping out your guitar’s pickups faster and more easily than you can change a string.

Pratley Guitars makes it a reality with its new P-LINK interchangable pickup system for humbucking-sized pickups. P-LINK is a direct replacement for standard humbucker mounting rings and allows you to swap pickups in 30 seconds, with no tools required, and with your guitar’s strings still attached.

Just loosen a few strings, slip out the P-LINK frame and change from a vintage-style single-coil to a modern humbucker or other pickup of your choice. P-LINK’s plastic frame fits into the pickup cavity, and the pickup can be clipped in securely.

Pratley will launch a Kickstarter campaign for P-LINK August 19. Visit, or follow Pratley on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.

You can learn more in the video below, which features the Pratley Session Pro DLX guitar.