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Sweetwater Launches Newly Enhanced Guitar Gallery

(Image credit: Sweetwater)

Sweetwater, the Number 1 online retailer of musical instruments and audio gear in the US, has launched a new version of its world-class online Guitar Gallery.

Significant enhancements build upon the strengths of the original version, giving guitar customers greater power to examine a specific instrument.

Sweetwater founder and president Chuck Surack said, “Sweetwater’s Guitar Gallery revolutionized the experience of buying guitars online. Never before was a customer able to browse, find, compare and purchase a guitar by serial number, from high-quality photos of that specific guitar. Now we’ve taken Guitar Gallery to the next level, with larger, clearer photos with a distinctive background designed to make the guitar image more detailed than ever before.

“Guitar Gallery is one more example of Sweetwater’s ongoing investment in online innovation, all for the sake of providing the best possible customer experience and customer service in the world.”

The original Guitar Gallery was launched in 2004. Customers have consistently remarked that the Guitar Gallery experience was the deciding factor in their decision to purchase from Sweetwater. The idea of providing high-resolution photos of guitars online was so compelling that Sweetwater competitors have tried to copy the concept.

The most useful feature of the original Guitar Gallery was the ability to view any in-stock guitar from many angles, in high-definition photographs. The new Guitar Gallery improves this experience with larger photos, greater clarity, more close-ups and a background that makes the image almost jump off the screen.

  • The navigation experience also has been upgraded. Now all guitars can be searched from the same location, even if they are temporarily out of stock. Best of all, guitars can now be searched according to weight, from lightest to heaviest, as well as by brand; price range; financing; color; body shape; number of strings; body, top, fingerboard and neck material; number of pickups; left-/right-handed orientation; finish; scale length; number of frets; nut width; bridge/tailpiece and neck, middle and bridge pickups.
  • Guitar Gallery image examples can be found below.

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