Sweetwater Black Friday deals 2023: Sweetwater's Black Friday sale is still live - bag up to 75% off!

Sweetwater Black Friday deals 2023: Sweetwater's early Black Friday sale is now live - bag up to 70% off!
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Sweetwater Black Friday deals: quick menu

You may think Black Friday is done and dusted, but the majority of the Black Friday sales are still active - and thankfully that includes Sweetwater's mega sale. That's right, Sweetwater's Black Friday Sale is still live and you can score up to 75% off a wide range of guitar gear from the biggest names in the business. 

While Sweetwater runs offers throughout most of the year, their Black Friday sale is one of the biggest of the year by far and is definitely a place we'd recommend you head if you're looking for some killer Black Friday guitar deals. So, whether you're after a new clip-on guitar tuner or you're ready to splash out on a new combo amp, this is the place to look. 

Don’t worry about having to trawl through every last page of the official sale either, as we'll be rounding up the latest and best offers right here. You'll find some of the best electric guitars for a range of budgets, plus the best acoustic guitars for beginners and so much more. Whether you're new to the guitar or you've been playing for ages and want to upgrade your rig for playing live, recording and beyond, now is the time to grab a bargain. 

Once their Black Friday sale ends tomorrow, we'll have our eyes peeled on what they do for the Sweetwater Cyber Monday sale.

Sweetwater Black Friday deals: Quick links

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Sweetwater Black Friday deals: Editor's picks

PRS Holiday Sale: 20% off select PRS SE guitars

PRS Holiday Sale: 20% off select PRS SE guitars
Been eyeing up a new PRS SE? Well, now might be the best time of the year to grab one. From now through to the end of the year, PRS is offering ALL SE electric models with a generous 20% discount. To take advantage of this epic offer, you simply need to contact your closest PRS Dealer and go shopping.

Marshall DSL40CR: $1,049.99

Marshall DSL40CR: $1,049.99, now $949.99
Having heard this amp out in the wild, we can attest to its powerful tone and rich voice, especially when overdriven. Proof you don't need a half stack to get that classic Marshall rock tone, it's got a cheeky $100 discount at Sweetwater at the moment, making it a tempting offer indeed.

Lewitt Condenser Mics: Up to $200 off

Lewitt Condenser Mics: Up to $200 off
We're big fans of the Lewitt mics here at MusicRadar, and recently gave the Lewitt LCT 540 four and a half stars out of five and the Lewitt LCT 640 received the same score. There are three mics with up to $200 off at the moment, so it's a great opportunity to add a quality addition to your mic locker.

IK Multimedia AmpliTube pedals: $329

IK Multimedia AmpliTube pedals: $329 $229
Equip your pedalboard with a wealth of new tones with this killer deal on IK Multimedia’s feature-packed (and just a little bit Strymon-inspired) AmpliTube X-Gear pedals. The X-Drive overdrive, X-Time delay, X-Space reverb and X-Vibe modulation each boast 16 cutting-edge algorithms, a trio of footswitches and an aluminum chassis – and now feature a tasty $100 off at Sweetwater.

Neural Quad Cortex: Free plugin and GigCase

Neural Quad Cortex: Free plugin and GigCase
We don’t need to tell you how good the Neural DSP Quad Cortex is. The price has recently dropped on this cutting-edge modeller/multi-FX unit, but here you can get even better value with a Neural DSP plugin bundled in (worth $159.99) as well as a Neural GigCase worth $119.99.

Guild Starfire Bass II: was $1,499

Guild Starfire Bass II: was $1,499, now $999
Available with a massive $500 discount – that’s 33% off the original price – this semi-hollow short-scale Starfire Bass has a classic yet characterful profile, and we love that Emerald Green finish. If you’re unfamiliar with the Starfire Bass II, it was beloved by Jefferson Airplane’s Jack Casady and the Grateful Dead’s Phil Lesh. This modern remake has got a great neck on it, while BiSonic pickups are brilliantly responsive – and sound superb when paired. In our review, the Starfire Bass II scored 4.5/5 and was called “a beautiful recreation of a classic”. With $500 off the list price, we’re surprised this is still available, frankly. 

Spector Euro 4 LX Bass: was $2,699

Spector Euro 4 LX Bass: was $2,699, now $2,399
These Czech Republic builds offer a more affordable, but still high-quality take on Spector’s US-made basses (hence the Euro moniker). The Euro 4 LX uses an alder body, with a walnut veneer and figured maple top – all rendered in a stunning Dark Cherry satin finish. It’s loaded with a combination of EMG’s P- and J-style active pickups and super solid components. Its sister model, the Euro RST reviewed very well, and this is a seriously chunky discount, knocking $300 off the usual price.  

Shure Beta mics: Up to $150 off

Shure Beta mics: Up to $150 off
Built for robust performance with excellent noise rejection qualities, Shure Beta mics are excellent value whether you need a live vocal mic or a small diaphragm condenser for studio duties. There's a huge selection of Beta mics on sale at Sweetwater at the moment, with up to $150 off select mics and discounts on popular models like the Beta 58A vocal mic, Beta 87A handheld condenser, and the Beta 52A kick drum mic.

Mesa/Boogie amps: A massive 25% off

Mesa/Boogie amps: A massive 25% off
One of the biggest names in the guitar amp game has got a huge discount in the Sweetwater early Black Friday sale. With a healthy 25% off a range of tube combos and tube amp heads, you can get $340 off the fearsome Mesa/Boogie Mini rectifier and a massive $756 reduction on the Mesa/Boogie Mark Five:35 tube combo.

Guild D-240E acoustic electric: Was $439

Guild D-240E acoustic electric: Was $439, now $299
We wouldn’t normally class Guild’s D-240E as a beginner acoustic, but with $140 scratched off the price tag thanks to Sweetwater, it sits into the upper end of the market. Not only does it have a solid top and Guild’s archback, mahogany body design, but it’s equipped with electronics too. Get this, and you’ll have a studio or gig-ready acoustic from the off!

Blackstar HT Club 40 MKII: Was $899

Blackstar HT Club 40 MKII: Was $899, now $599
One of the most dependable, portable gigging tube-driven combos has had $300 knocked off its price at Sweetwater for Black Friday. With two channels, reverb and Blackstar’s ISF control, you’ll have classic Brit and US tones covered in a manoeuvrable, stylish 1x12 combo amp.

Guild Starfire IV: Was: $1,399

Guild Starfire IV: Was: $1,399, now $899
Save up to $600 on five Guild Starfire models over at Sweetwater. These guitars are seriously underrated at the best of times, so $899 for each is a really great deal. They've each got '60s-voiced LB-1 humbuckers for Golden Era tones, and are uber-playable thanks to their three-piece U-profile necks and thinline maple bodies. Oh, and they look drop dead gorgeous, too.

Mini heads from Soldano, Bogner and more: 15% off

Mini heads from Soldano, Bogner and more: 15% off
The mini head movement shows no signs of slowing down and that is a-okay with us. These tiny solid-state reworkings of Soldano, Bogner, Friedman and Diezel models punch well above their weight, tonally. Solid-state tech has moved on massively in the past decade and the likes of Soldano's SLO-Mini and Bogner Ecstasy Mini (both available for $212.49 right now) do a surprisingly convincing job of capturing the character of heads 10 times their price.

Sweetwater Black Friday deals: FAQ

Sweetwater logo on blue background

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When is Black Friday?

The 2023 Sweetwater Black Friday deals will land on Friday November 24, followed three days later by the Sweetwater Cyber Monday deals on Monday 2 November.  

There are two origins of the term Black Friday: one relates to a huge stock market crash, and the other refers to the day after Thanksgiving in America, and that’s the one we’re referring to here.

Sweetwater's Black Friday sale always presents rich pickings for guitarists, as potentially thousands of products will be discounted. Black Friday is also a win-win for retailers and shoppers, as retailers get to shift a lot of products in a short space of time, and you get Christmas gifts and the gear you need at a discounted price. Some of the Sweetwater Black Friday deals will have huge discounts, while others will offer more modest savings.

Amazon, of course, is a major player in both the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, and while it’s a place to stock up on cheap headphones and smart speakers, for musical instruments we recommend heading to dedicated retailer sales, such as the Sweetwater Black Friday sale.

What deals should I expect?

We’ve been covering the Sweetwater Black Friday sale for many years now, so we know from past experience that this is one musical retailer you can rely on for really good discounts. Sweetwater has a clear, no-fuss returns policy too, which should help you feel more confident when it comes to buying gear online, whether you’re after the best budget guitar amps or the best pedalboard to get your effects in order.

Based on what we have seen from previous Sweetwater Black Friday deals, there will be savings on acoustics and electrics, plus amps, strings and a range of guitar pedals like looper pedals and distortion pedals. There may well be discounts on the basics too, such as guitar cables and various guitar straps. Recording software and microphones are a more recent addition to the Sweetwater Black Friday offering, so if you're looking to lay down some tracks in the coming months, November is a good time to shop. 

Rest assured that we’ll be rounding up the biggest discounts here, as well as the Sweetwater Black Friday sale offers that, while not monstrously huge, are still worth buying because of the immense quality of the product involved.

We’ll be updating this article with all the early Sweetwater Black Friday deals, but we fully expect the majority of offers to land on Friday 25 November.

How do I find the best Sweetwater Black Friday deals?

As we’ll be doing all the legwork of trawling the Sweetwater Black Friday sales during the event itself, all you need to do is bookmark this page and take a look at the killer deals we’re curating for you. 

We can spot a worthy deal a mile-off, and know which ones aren’t worth snapping up, so if you haven’t shopped a Black Friday sale before, stick with us and we’ll make it easy. After all, some of these Sweetwater Black Friday deals will be time-limited, and the last thing we want is for you to panic, buy something because it’s a good price, then you figure out later that it isn’t right for you. That’s a waste of your time, right? 

For an easier life, keep your eyes peeled on this page, and read our advice below on how to prepare yourself for a big event like the Sweetwater Black Friday sale so that you’re getting what you want and need with ease.

Sweetwater Black Friday deals: How to prepare

Man shows boy how to play the acoustic guitar

(Image credit: Getty/South_agency)

Got your eye on a few things and wondering whether Black Friday is the time to buy? Here's a few tips from our personal experience that will ensure you're ready to strike if the gear you want is up for grabs:

1. Create a wishlist early - The most sensible way to take advantage of this year's Black Friday music deals is to know in advance what you’re looking for. This will make searching much easier, rather than having to trawl through loads of deals you don’t want to find the ones you do, or pondering things you don't need. To help you create your dream shopping list, take the time to explore our expert and up-to-date buying guides and reviews.

2. Work out what you actually need - Check out your favourite brands, see what you need and will genuinely use - don’t waste your cash and fill your basket with stuff that will never truly see any action.

3. Consider your music goals - What do you want to achieve with your music over the next 12 months or so? Do you want to gig more? Learn a new instrument? Or finally, record your songs? Now could be the time to invest in gear that helps you fulfil your musical aspirations.

4. Streamline your current gear - Something else you should consider ahead of time is whether you have enough space in your collection for new gear. Could you offload some gear you don't use to make room and generate funds for some new gear? 

5. Sign up to mailing lists - In addition to bookmarking this page, we'd recommend signing up to mailing lists of your favourite retailers now to get the jump on the best deals when they do come around.

Sweetwater Black Friday deals: How we choose deals

Here at Guitar World, we are experts in our field, with many years of playing and product testing between us. We live and breathe everything guitar-related, and we draw on this knowledge and experience of using products in live, recording and rehearsal scenarios when selecting the products we recommend.

First and foremost, we are guitarists, and we want to match other players with the right products for them, at the best prices.

For us to recommend a deal it has to be a product we rate that’s a genuinely great price or part of a truly fantastic bundle. It’s also important that we only recommend retailers where you will have a positive shopping experience.

Sweetwater Black Friday deals: Why you can trust our choices

We spend a lot of our time scouring guitar retailers for fantastic deals on our favorite gear. Not only is it our job to research and recommend the best gear in our buyer’s guides, but we’re also dedicated to helping players get the best deals for the gear they need, too. After all, the only thing better than new gear day is a hearty discount.

We cover a lot of the big sales events throughout the year, including Memorial DayBlack Friday, 4th of July sales and Amazon Prime Day, and we have a good view on which products are likely to receive the biggest discounts and when, the prices they’ve been in the past and which deals are genuinely worth a look.

Sweetwater Black Friday deals: Last year's best deals

Last year's Sweetwater Black Friday sale was pretty much unrivaled for awesome offers and big discounts (of up to 70%, no less) off big brands.

Some of our favorite deals included $130 off the stellar Surf Green Blackstar Studio 10 6L6 amp, while the awesome Harmony Juno Flame Maple had $150 slashed off the price! 

For effects fans, there were big percentage savings to be had on pedals from JHS, Earthquaker Devices, and Keeley as well as essential accessories such as strings, straps, cases and stands. 

Here are a few more of those highlights:


Select Behringer pedals: only $14 each at Sweetwater
Last year you could get your hands on a selection of Behringer guitar pedals – the TO800 Vintage Tube Overdrive, EQ700 Graphic Equalizer, VD400 Vintage Delay and UO300 Ultra Octaver – for just $14 apiece in this mouth-watering Black Friday deal at Sweetwater. 


TC Electronic PolyTune 3: was $99, now $69
Along with the Boss TU-3, the TC Electronic PolyTune 3 is considered to be the holy grail of guitar tuner pedals, and for good reason. Thanks to its ultra-precise accuracy – up to 0.1 cents – the PolyTune 3 has made its way on to thousands of pedalboards around the world, offering a range of alternate tunings with ultimate ease. As an added bonus, its BonaFide Buffer circuitry also helps to improve your guitar's tone over long cable runs.


Boss RC-500 Loop Station: $416.99, now $339.98
If you're serious about looping, so is the RC-500 with MIDI capability, an animated colour LCD, 114 onboard drum grooves and 16 kits for jamming, and 13 hours of 32-bit stereo record time. It's great for guitarists, vocalists and keyboard players, channeling Boss's expertise as a market leader in looping technology. This was a fantastic price from Sweetwater on one of the best looper pedals around. 


Egnater Tweaker-15 Stack: $949.98, now $499.99
Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this really is a boutique tube head and cab for less than $500! With the Egnater Tweaker head pumping out 15 watts via two 6V6 tubes and a matching 1x12 cabinet with a 12” Egnater speaker, this super versatile amplifier setup had a whopping $449.99 off.


Blackstar HT Club 40 MkII: $999.99, now $649.99
One of the most popular guitar amps on the gigging circuit, this versatile, all-tube tone machine had a massive $350 off. The HT Series has made a name for itself as one of the best mid-priced tube combos, and this particular model comes in a distinctive Vintage Blue finish - sure to stand out on stage.


Vox amPlug 2 Lead: $59.99, now $39.99
This perfect practice partner makes keeping your chops a breeze. We find having a headphone amp for guitar around the house invaluable for late-night writing sessions and keeping up our practice regimens. With upgraded analog circuitry, excellent battery life, and superb sound.


Epiphone J-45 Aged Wine Red Gloss: $749, now $549
Epiphone's J-45 takes its stylistic and tonal cues from its Gibson big brother, with a solid Sitka spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides. Fishman electronics, meanwhile, bring a modern sonic element to this none-more-iconic dreadnought. Epiphone pricing makes this J-45 attainable for the working musician. 


Surf Green Blackstar Studio 10: was $729, now $599
This compact, rock-solid combo – with its 6L6 power tube and Celestion Seventy-80 1x12” speaker – aims to give you classic American tube cleans, without breaking the bank, or your back - and last year you could save $130 on the amp at Sweetwater. 

More great Black Friday deals to explore

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