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Sweetwater Black Friday deals 2020: Their 80% off sale is still live!

Sweetwater Black Friday deals 2020: Their 80% off sale is still live!
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Black Friday is done, but the Sweetwater Black Friday sale is far from over! One of the retailer’s biggest shopping events of the year by far, this is definitely a place we'd recommend you head if you're still looking for some killer Black Friday guitar deals, as well as savings on effects, bass guitars, recording gear and a ton of accessories. The sale is still live and you can save up to 80% on loads of great guitar gear.

We're keeping an eye on the Sweetwater Cyber Monday deals, too.

Don’t worry about having to trawl through every last page either, as we've rounded up the latest and best offers right here. You'll find some of the best electric guitars for a range of budgets, plus the best acoustic guitars for beginners and much more.

More great Black Friday sales live now

The Sweetwater Black Friday sale

Sweetwater Black Friday sale: Save up to 80%
Sweetwater has kickstarted its Black Friday sale with up to 80% savings off a range of guitars, amps, effects, accessories, recording gear and more. This sale ends runs through to December 6.View Deal

Sweetwater Black Friday deals: Acoustic guitars

View all the Sweetwater acoustic deals
Head to the Sweetwater DealZone right now and you'll find tempting price drops on nearly 200 acoustic instruments, including six-strings, ukuleles, mandolins and stunning resonator guitars. Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, D'Angelico and more are currently on sale.View Deal

Sweetwater Black Friday deals: Amps

Supro Blues King 12 1x12": Was $599, now $329, save $270

This single-channel, 15-watt amp comes packing a whole lotta vintage blues-rock tone. As well as the sweet valve sound, it's got an effects loop, real spring reverb, and 3-band EQ. With $270 off the asking price it's a stone-cold bargain! View Deal

Save 15% on select Revv products

Revv's reputation for meaty, thick distortion is growing by the week. Here, Sweetwater is offering a blanket 15% off one of the biggest and best emerging names in modern heavy guitar sounds. The Revv 20/4 amp, G3 and G4 preamp/distortion pedals and G20 footswitch are all included in the deal!  View Deal

Save up to $250 off Line 6 PowerCabs

Full-range, flat response is the latest word in cabs. The Line 6 PowerCab series comprises a trio of active speaker cabs, perfect for running your modelling units or pedalboard preamps through. Choose between the PowerCab 212, 112 Plus or 112 with up to $250 off! View Deal

BluGuitar Amp1: Was, $799, now $649, save $150

A 100-watt, 4-channel amp that fits on your pedalboard? Yep, that's what Thomas Blug's Nanotube-equipped brute is all about. Plug this into a cab (like the Line 6 PowerCab above) or PA and you've got a portable rig that you can take anywhere.View Deal

Vox AC30S1 1x12" combo: Was $899, now $699, save $200

A rock 'n' roll classic for less! This 1x12" Vox AC30 will have you chiming all the way to the tone-bank this Black Friday, with its 12AX7/EL84 valves, single channel based on the AC30 Top Boost circuit, digital reverb and Celestion speaker. With $200 off, now's your chance to add this iconic sound to your arsenal.View Deal

Vox AC15 1x12 Combo: Was $999, now $679, save $320
Sweetwater is definitely turning up the heat with their Black Friday deals. With an enticing $320 off, you can get that fantastic British all-tube tone that Brian May and The Edge made famous, among many others. View Deal

Sweetwater Black Friday deals: Pedals

TC Electronic Ditto Jam X2 Looper: was $199, now $170
Featuring two minutes of loop time with unlimited overdubs, onboard and external mics that sense tempo from guitar strums and backbeats and loads more, the Ditto Jam X2 Looper is sure to breathe new life into your creativity.View Deal

Ernie Ball Expression Overdrive: was $149, now $74.99
Get full control over your gain levels with this expression pedal-equipped transparent overdrive pedal, now half-price at Sweetwater.View Deal

Free backpack with the Line 6 Helix LT at Sweetwater
When looking for a multi-effects unit for your guitar that is super-programmable, so easy to use that the manual is almost superfluous, and with over 200 cab sim, amp models and effects on hand, the Helix LT is a no-brainer. But with a free backpack? Now's the time to get one.View Deal

Save 20% on selected Gamechanger Audio pedals!

Just like Jack White, we love the leftfield pedals that Gamechanger Audio has come up with. In this deal, you can get a chunky 20% off the Plus Pedal sustain effect (with its piano-style sustain pedal) and Plasma High Voltage Distortion (complete with xenon-filled tube!). They aren't cheap, so take advantage of this great discount now! View Deal

Get 15% off all Keeley pedals

The original boutique pedal modder/builder, Keeley's products have been the secret weapon under the boots of many-a-tonehound. Sweetwater is helping out the little guys this Black Friday by drawing a red line through its regular prices and making its entire Keeley stock 15% cheaper. View Deal

Ibanez OD850 Overdrive, Was: $129.99, now $99.99, save $30

This Ibanez OD850 isn't your average green overdrive, it's a reissue of another 70s classic offering gritty, wooly, almost fuzz-like drive sound. The reissue is Limited Edition, so here's your chance to bag a lesser-spotted cult stompbox for just $99.  View Deal

Save 15% on all Earthquaker Devices products

Earthquaker Devices never fail to impress with its pedals, ranging from functional 'drives such as the Plumes to the weird and wonderful Rainbow Machine V2. All of Sweetwater's Earthquaker Devices pedals have been reduced by 15% this Black Friday. Click to start browsing!View Deal

Save 15% on all J. Rockett Audio Designs pedals

Perhaps best-known for The Archer -  its stellar recreation of the Klon Centaur - J. Rockett is one of the hippest names you'll add to your board. Here, Sweetwater has knocked 15% off the whole range, letting you in on the action for just over $100.View Deal

Save 15% on all Diezel pedals

Ready for some heavy combustion? Diezel remains one of the kings of hi-gain distortion, and here you can add some meat to your pedalboard bones with the VH4, VH-4 2, Herbert and Zerrer pedals. All with 15% off their usual prices.View Deal

Save 15% on all JHS products

JHS is one of the strongest names in 'boutique' effects. Sweetwater has snipped a quick 15% off its entire range, including the brand new 3 Series pedals, Crayon, Morning Glory V4 Overdrive, Colour Box and lots more. Prices start at just $38.25.View Deal

DigiTech Drop: Was $307, now $214, save $93
This compact pedal remains the best drop-tuning stompbox on the market, with full polyphonic tracking for authentic baritone and extended-range tones. Sweetwater have slashed the price by nearly $100 this Black Friday - how nice of them.View Deal

20% off all Barefoot Buttons pedal switch caps

It's not all high-end gear in Sweetwater's sale. Add these Barefoot Buttons to your basket, and you'll never need to take aim to stomp your pedals again. From stealth black to metallic purple, add these to your pedals for easy switching on-stage, starting at $6.07! View Deal

Sweetwater Black Friday deals: Software

View all the Sweetwater Black Friday software deals
Right now you can save hundreds of dollars across top software brands, including Ableton, Izotope, IK Multimedia and plenty others. So whether you're looking for virtual amps, drum samples and keys, or you want new DAW software, there are savings to jump on here.View Deal

Positive Grid Bias Elite combo: Was $399, now $179
An all-in-one amp modeling software solution. With 100 amps, 100 effects, 18 rack processors, 18 guitars and tons more, Sweetwater has knocked a ridiculous $220 off for Black Friday 2020.View Deal

Sweetwater Black Friday deals: Accessories

Line 6 Relay G10S wireless system: Was $349, now $249
The best guitar wireless system you can buy got even better this year thanks to this tasty discount at Sweetwater. Wander up to 130 feet away from your pedalboard and enjoy crystal-clear 24-bit audio from this top-notch guitar accessory. And all for $100 less this Black Friday.View Deal

Sweetwater Black Friday deals: Live sounds and lighting

Save on live sound and lighting gear at the Sweetwater sale
Sweetwater has slashed prices across a range of PA systems, mixers, portable racks, lighting rigs and wireless systems. We know live music isn't really a thing right now, but once it is again, you could have a new rig for way less with these deals. View Deal

What is Black Friday and when does Sweetwater Black Friday 2020 start?

There are two origins of the term Black Friday: one relates to a huge stock market crash, and the other refers to the day after Thanksgiving in America, and that’s the one we’re referring to here. Black Friday 2020 takes place on Friday 27th November, and is the day when thousands of retailers will launch their Black Friday sales. 

Sweetwater Black Friday 2020 is rich pickings for guitarists, as potentially thousands of products will be discounted. Black Friday is also a win-win for retailers and shoppers, as retailers get to shift a lot of products in a short space of time, and you get Christmas gifts and the gear you need at a discounted price. Some of the Sweetwater Black Friday deals will have huge discounts, while others will offer more modest savings.

Amazon, of course, is a major player in both the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, and while it’s a place to stock up on cheap headphones and smart speakers, for musical instruments we recommend heading to dedicated retailer sales, such as Sweetwater Black Friday 2020. However, if you do need some new cans, see below.

What is Cyber Monday and when does Sweetwater Cyber Monday 2020 start?

Cyber Monday is the Monday directly following Black Friday, and so bookends a long weekend of deals and sales shopping. Some retailers hold back a killer deal or two for Cyber Monday, but the majority go live for Black Friday and simply carry on through Cyber Monday. We expect this to be the case for the Sweetwater Cyber Monday event.

When Cyber Monday was originally devised it was a way to celebrate online sales only, rather than online and bricks and mortar shop sales. However, as more and more retailers have a revolving cast of sales throughout the year, you could argue that every day is Cyber Monday. The difference is the quality of the deals - Cyber Monday, like Black Friday, attracts the big-ticket discounts that you only see around the holidays. 

As a reminder, we’ll be updating this article with all the early Sweetwater Black Friday deals, but we fully expect the majority of offers to land on Friday 27 November.

Sweetwater Black Friday deals 2020: What to expect

We’ve been covering the Sweetwater Black Friday sale for a while now, so we know from past experience that this is one musical retailer you can rely on for really good discounts. Sweetwater has a clear, no-fuss returns policy too, which should help you feel more confident when it comes to buying gear online, whether you’re after the best budget guitar amps or the best pedalboard to get your effects in order. 

Based on what we have seen from previous Sweetwater Black Friday deals, there will be savings on acoustics and electrics, plus amps, strings and a range of guitar pedals like looper pedals and distortion pedals. There may well be discounts on the basics too, such as guitar cables and various guitar straps

Rest assured that we’ll be rounding up the biggest discounts here, as well as the Sweetwater Black Friday sale offers that, while not monstrously huge, are still worth buying because of the immense quality of the product involved.

How to find the best Sweetwater Black Friday deals

As we’ll be doing all the legwork of trawling the Sweetwater Black Friday sale during the event itself and across Cyber Monday, all you need to do is bookmark this page and take a look at the killer deals we’re curating for you. 

We can spot a worthy deal a mile-off, and know which ones aren’t worth snapping up, so if you haven’t shopped a Black Friday sale before, stick with us and we’ll make it easy. After all, some of these Sweetwater Black Friday deals will be time-limited, and the last thing we want is for you to panic, buy something because it’s a good price, then you figure out later that it isn’t right for you. That’s a waste of your time, right? 

For an easier life, keep your eyes peeled on this page, and read our advice below on how to prepare yourself for a big event like the Sweetwater Black Friday sale so that you’re getting what you want and need with ease.

Man shows boy how to play the acoustic guitar

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How to prepare for the Sweetwater Black Friday sale 2020

Our biggest tip here is to have a think in advance of what you want or need to buy, whether you're buying for someone else or stocking up on new gear for yourself. The Sweetwater Black Friday sale is a giant affair, so don't get lost among the rat run of deals when all you want is a brilliant new amp for metal riffage. 

Once you've made that list, it's time to do your research to find out what are the top brands and products within that area. Feel free to use our expert buyer's guides for your research, as we are constantly reviewing the latest and greatest kit and updating our buyer's guides. We've highlighted some of the most popular guides below, as well as the place where you can find all of our current buyer's guides. 

Lastly, check the RRP of the product you're hoping to find a Sweetwater Black Friday deal on to ensure that you are getting a good discount. Sweetwater is a trusted retailer so you're in safe hands here.

What happened last year?

Last year's Sweetwater Black Friday sale was pretty much unrivalled for awesome offers and big discounts off big brands.

Some of our deal highlights included 20% off Walrus Audio pedals, $500 off the lush Supro 1650T Royal Reverb amp and some great string bundle offers.

Elsewhere we enjoyed some sweet Epiphone acoustic guitar deals, plus a $300 saving on a range of tasty PRS electrics. Will we see the same with this year's Sweetwater Black Friday bonanza? This is the page to stick with if you want to find out.