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Todd Sharp Amplifiers Announces JOAT 45RT

(Image credit: Todd Sharp Amplifiers)

Todd Sharp Amplifiers has announced its new JOAT 45RT. The amp expands upon the award-winning JOAT 20RT and the company's most recent model, the JOAT 30RT. The JOAT 45RT will be unveiled October 1 at the LA Amp Show in Van Nuys, California.

The new amp offers a major kick in drive and output power, as compared to its lower-powered 20- and 30-watt brethren. The 45RT mirrors the front-end preamp and tonal shaping of the 20 and 30RT models with a few minor tweaks to accommodate an additional driver stage and substantial increase in output power.

The JOAT 45RT might be configured with a pair of EL34s (stock) or 6L6/KT66 type power tubes with a simple bias adjustment. That, along with the EL34/KT66/6L6 type output stage, offers not just more power but a bolder character—for those who just need more beef on the bone than a 20- or 30-watt amp can provide.

It's a cleaner, higher-headroom sound—until you get the volume past halfway. Then, as any great amp should, the 45 gets into that magical rich harmonic compression as the volume control advances.

“My signature benchmark for all of my designs is a quick response feel under your fingertips coupled with that glorious squash we all love," Sharp says. "A design goal with the 45 in particular was to tip my hat strongly toward a great vintage Marshall 50, but with the JOAT signature front end gain and tone shaping, reverb and tremolo. It is still a very straight ahead amp without overdrive or lead channel options.”

Sharp will be present both days (October 1 and 2) at the LA Amp Show, showcasing the JOAT 45RT for the first time, along with his signature 20 and 30RT models. He'll also demonstrate the JOAT live with his trio at The Baked Potato in Studio City on October 1.

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